Pioneer Technology

Tecnologia focusing on innovation

Our products extend the experience in driving vehicles, making it safer, more comfortable and sustainable.

Autopoli Automotive Technology has been manufacturing car parts and accessories since 1995always keeping focus on the innovation, design and a fully sustainable process of production. Wee are pioneers in the development products and projects on LED light technology (Light-emitting Diode) for the automotive sector. We develop production and national labor.

In 2013, Autopoli inaugurated its new factory- in an area of over 7,000 m2 Inside Guararema region, located in the countryside of São Paulo. We continuously invest on our sophisticated industrial center, aiming at offering the best lighting products, signage and accessories for road, industrial segment and automotive industry.

Our expertise is based on the ability to fully cover all stages of the production process:Through selection of raw materials, the development of packaging to after-sale, through a team of consultants who provide extensive advice to small, medium, and large products.

Department of electronic projects

Department of mechanical projects (sistema CAD-CAM, system of prototyping machine)

Department of electronic assembly

Own tool room (CNC milling, Electro-erosin, etc.)

Thermoplastic injection (14 injectors)

Packig development ( Vaccum-forming)

Department of Design

Eletronic production and LED SMD machine

The wholo process of design, production, assembly, and packaging ofproducts is cariied out in our industrial center, and our national labor. We believe we help our country development. Our team is proud of breeding a self-sustainable way of making things better, unifying energy efficiency, design, and high technology.

Solutions for LED technology provide low environmental impact, since it does not contain mercury, gases or heavy metals, in addition to reduce power consumption, high durability and extremely long life service.