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This policy is to confirm our ethic compromise of Autopoli automotive company Ltda, represented by its partners, directors, and employees being the visitors able to get more information ( policy describes how our Autopoli website schedule bring collected information able to recognize our visitors. Through our electronic registration you can receive up-to-date information or, also, by accessing our contact form on our page.

Autopoli websitecollects information that can identify users when:

a). Through the registration to receive information or newsletters Autopoli, in the box located in the footnoteof the website identified as “Receive our Autopoli newsletter”. The identification includes the name of the visitor, user, and his e-mail.

b). By completing the contact form of the page identified as “Contact”, the information collected is: Visitor/ user name/ e-mail, telephone and your message or note.

c). Through the google analytics service, cookies are received and stored on activities that come from the browser. However, this information only serves the reports generated by google service and is used as statistical indicators, in order to account for accesses and to determine usage profile. A cookie is a file that generates anonymous information, allowing you to identify it the next time you return to the website.

This Privacy policy defines that:

I). All data and information provided through the forms submission features of Autopoli website and are stored in a reserved database with restricted access. Access to the information collected is restricted to authorized employees only. Those who violate thi privacy policy will be subjected to the penalties provided. Without excluding any applicable legal measures

II). Except for legal determination or legal procedures, the information of visitors, users service of receiving the informative or newsletter or form of the page “Contact us” We will not commercialize, transfer or use the collected information improperly:

a). Attendance: Provide service, answer questions, request of visitors, users (Registered or those who requested information through the “contact page”);

b). Inform registered users about promotional news, commercial campaign, relationship campaign of Autopoli;

c). Inform registered users through our newsletters all the news/ Marketing of car parts, accessories, lighting, new products, LED technology etc.;

d). Inform registered users news, (new contents) on our Autopoli website;

e). Get in touch with registered visitors/ users in order to give them general information about the company;

f). Analyze general statistics, without any visitor, user identification through google analytics service.

III). Completing the forms is optional and does not constitute a requirement to navigate Autopoli website.

IV). The visitor/ user who performs the registration to receive newsletters, guarantees the veracity and accuracy of the personal data they provide. Autopoli does not have any responsibility in case of insertion of false data or innacuracy informed by the user/ visitor.

V). At any time the visitor or user who receives informative or newsletters may request the cancellation/ removal of their e-mail. To do this, simply send a message to Autopoli e-mail (throught the contact page) requestion the delation of your registration(name and e-mail).

VI). Our website refers to third-party websites. Autopoli is not responsiblefor any actions taken by third-party websites, including marketing processes, prices and delivery times, these processes are governed by policies specific to those external websites.

This Privacy policy is official and can be altered according to the new changes, thus, we recommend a visitation frequently. In any case ofsubstantial program changes our data system of information from visitors/ users, the new regulations and changes will be informed for our registered users here.

Through this page (Privacy policy page)and to registered users through e-mail”.