Quality policy

Exceeding Expectations

Commitment Autopoli

The goal of AUTOPOLI is to provide quality products in the fields of residential lighting and automotive accessories, meeting the expectations and needs of our customers, service providers and employees by complying with applicable product laws and regulations and other relevant standards.

We are committed to the satisfaction of our customers with speed, helpfulness and respect, and to the delivery of more modern and effective products every day. In addition, we seek the continuous improvement of our Quality Management System through the training of our employees, as we understand that their personal and professional development reflects on the quality of our products and on the work environment.

Quality Goals.

• Qualifications: to improve and certify employees to meet the needs required by the company, process and product;

• Product quality: comply with internal and external technical standards, continuously improving their performance and design; and the production of product inspection reports;

• Customer service: satisfy the needs of the customer by meeting the deadlines established through inventory control and production planning;

• Improvement of processes: constant improvement of processes through periodic analysis and implementation of improvements.