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LED Lamp BA15 Tower

The Lamp BA15S Tower 18 Leds SMD is the best solution in signage for light and heavy lines. With excellent luminous efficiency, it offers focus and total filling in the rear flashlight. Its colors are pure, has low consumption and has the high durability of LED technology Autopoli.

Light color

White, Red, Amber

• Available in models:

- BA15S-21 (1141) - 1 pole;

- BAY15D (1034) - 2 mismatched poles;

- BAU15S Transverse - Transverse pins.


• Packing with 2 lamps;

• Bivolt: 12V or 24V;

• Power: 5W;

• Equivalence: 50W;

• Light intensity: 430 lm (lumens);

• Opening angle: 360º;

• Current: 340 mA.



No dimension information is available at this time.

Remove the original lamp and install the Autopoli Lamp LED on the flashlight socket.

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